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An article takes you to learn about fishbone parquet flooring

LEKOL 2024-02-18
An article takes you to learn about fishbone parquet flooring

As the floor of the Internet red, fishbone parquet floor is loved by young people, in recent years also often appear in a variety of TV series. Today we're gonna talk about the fishbone parquet.

The so-called fishbone parquet floor is to cut the rectangular board into a 45° Angle parallelogram, and then line up along the middle seam, and the floor line looks like a fish bone.


Fishbone osteoarthritis


After the fishbone Mosaic floor is pasted, it will show a special aesthetic feeling, and the geometric three-dimensional sense is very strong. Horizontally, its lines are like waves, up-and-down; Looking along the direction of the lines, there is the illusion that the narrow space is extended indefinitely. Especially in the hallway.


Although fishbone parquet floor has many advantages, but its disadvantages can not be ignored. First of all, the price is expensive, because the fishbone parquet floor is cut off the diagonal Angle at both ends on the basis of the rectangular floor, the cost of the cut off corner is also counted in the price of a single floor, so the overall cost of fishbone parquet floor will be higher than ordinary wood floor.


Secondly, the requirements of the installation master are particularly high. At the time of installation, the most important thing for fishbone parquet flooring is to put the sharp end of the floor neatly. However, the same wood floor, under the hands of different installation masters, spell out the uniformity may be very different.

In addition, taking into account the special shape of fish bone, here we recommend two kinds of fish bone wood flooring paste.

Suspension - tongue-and-groove adhesive

After the cement floor is levelled, the waterproof mat is first laid, and then a small amount of groove glue is used between the floor groove and stick the wood floor.

Suspended - covered with adhesive

After the cement floor is leveled, brush a layer of elastic glue first, and then paste the floor directly on the cement floor.


The above is some about the content of fish bone, but also want to know more about the knowledge of fish bone wood flooring partners, please continue to pay attention to us oh.

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